What is the Cannabis Online Ordering System? How does it Safeguard Your Offline Business?

Online cannabis ordering systems turbo-charge your conventional business and satisfy customers quench by delivering them marijuana, weed or CBD as per their prescription. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in several countries, the cannabis delivery market is growing rapidly. Therefore, entrepreneurs have found investing in marijuana ordering systems would give the desired outcomes.

Moving your dispensary business online with white label marijuana delivery system is not a challenging task as Ellumianti offers next-generation solutions that centralize your business operations, automate tasks, and allow your customers to place orders online and get delivery at their convenience.

Our Marijuana Ordering System Suits Everyone

  • Single dispensary
  • Weed marketplaces
  • Medical chains
  • Medical startups

Features that Powering Our Online Cannabis Ordering System

Accurate Charge Calculation

  • Promote your business online with exciting marketing features such as social media, SEO, promotional campaigns, and much more
  • Share products update, latest news about the industry, and stay connected with users all the time
  • Expand your business beyond the limit through online marketing features across the globe

Quick Search

  • Make it easy for customers to search for their favorite weed item using the smart search filters
  • Enable customers to select from an extensive range of cannabis or CBD, each carrying pricing and detailed description
  • Based on the popularity and pricing, customers will have the list of all products with a single click

Business Control

  • Manage orders, delivery providers, customers, inventory, and much more with a bird’s eye view to make informed decisions
  • Get a unique and powerful dashboard to manage all your business-related activities with ease
  • Get actionable insights of daily orders, customers, stores, profit, and sales to remain ahead in the competitive market

Manage Reviews and Notifications

  • Improve your dispensary business by managing customer’s feedback, respond to each review with ease, manage ratings, and much more
  • Stay hooked with potential customers by sending them real-time notifications related to industry news, offerings, and order status
  • Collect customer feedback and manage ratings to know the customer’s reaction while using your service

How does an Online Ordering System for Dispensary Work?

In order to survive in the online world, more and more offline dispensaries are moving online and trying to leverage modern solutions to cater to the growing demand of the customers that prefer doorstep delivery of weed products. Therefore, if you are new to the online marijuana delivery business and want to know how it works and makes it easy for customers to get CBD products at their doorsteps, underneath the workflow is explained in detail.

  • Register through social media or email, verify age (should be above 18 or 21), and upload prescription
  • Based on prescription, start surfing products, add selected items to cart, fill up address details and make a payment from the options given
  • Once the order gets confirmed, users can track it until delivery
  • The store receives the new order notification, prepares for it, and assigns it to the nearest delivery provider. However, user can self pick up the parcel at their convenience
  • Weed products delivered to customers, based on overall service, users can share feedback and give ratings

Additional Features of Cannabis Ordering System That Empowers Your Business

Churn out maximum revenue with the latest cannabis ordering system platform that fosters your brand visibility, uplift your traditional business, and connects users with the nearest weed suppliers

Customer App Workflow

Allow customers to place and track orders online with various options for a wonderful browsing experience

Delivery Provider App Workflow

Enable delivery providers to manage order requests, job history, payments, and much more in one place

Store App Workflow

An interactive store app to add or update items, modify prices, manage customers with real-time information

Store Panel Workflow

A dedicated store panel makes it easy for store managers to get details of inventories, sales, orders, and profits in a single click

User Panel Workflow

Let customers browse, place and track orders without any trouble through a highly advanced user panel

What’s Special About Online Marijuana Ordering System

  • Fully Customizable Solution
  • Highly Scalable
  • Prompt Support

Pivotal Features that Take Your Cannabis Business to Another Level

A cutting-edge technology marijuana delivery system that offers a superior set of features, upscale your business and meet your business requirements

User App

Users need to verify their age and identity before they browse and order marijuana products

Store App

Add or update items, modify pricing, description, mention minimum order quantity, and much more with ease

Delivery Provider App

Let delivery provider get a complete list of all orders that include details of customer’s location and delivery date

Store Panel

Allow store managers to cancel order cancelling requests seamlessly based on date and timings

User Panel

A fully-featured user panel allows customers to place, manage and track their orders with real-time tracking features

Implement online cannabis delivery system for dispensary and Grow Revenues Ten-folds

Uplift your medical marijuana business that connects users with government-approved weed stores digitally that ensure end-to-end business compliance and take your business to the next level

Empower Your Medical Dispensary Business Today

  • Improve your Local Outreach

    cannabis delivery system for your medical marijuana business attract local customers and allow them to order weed products online and get them delivered at their preferred location in no time hence improve your business reach in the local market

  • Smart Online Operations

    Usually, online orders for weed products are always challenged for any dispensary business. But advanced cannabis ordering system smarten your operations and automate certain business tasks with ease

  • Demographic Information

    Who are your potential customers? What are their ages, preferences, location? How frequently do they place online orders? Get access to all this valuable information quickly and thrive your business

  • Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

    Modern technology solutions put you on the cutting edge of a competitive market. Revamp your old dispensary business and get the advantage over all your competitors

White Label Marijuana Ordering System Makes You Forerunning Leader in the Region

Promote Your Business

Provide your customers attractive deals, offerings, introduce referrals, share products on social media, and market your business without any geolocation barrier using all unique marketing features

Manage Bulk Orders

A user-friendly store panel allows you to deal with bulk orders without any hassle. Get rid of the messy ordering process, manage orders, customers, delivery providers, stores, and payments with a robust store panel

Monitor Deliveries

Managing delivery executives and orders with marijuana online ordering platforms is much easier. Assign the nearest delivery provider, suggest them smart routes for faster delivery operations

Simple Checkout

Integrate multiple payment options, offer a swift and secure checkout experience to customers. It may include debit/credit cards, net banking, wallet options, cash on delivery, etc.

Manage Stores

Manage stores, sub-stores effortlessly through the powerful dashboard. Add/remove stores, view sore information, track inventory, payment, and much more with modern functionality features

Push Notifications

Customers, store owners, and delivery providers get real-time notifications regarding order requests, offerings, news, and much more via SMS, email, or in-app push notifications

Manage Weed Products

Manage weed and CBD products, arrange them in category and subcategories for smooth browsing experience, update pricing, description, minimum order quantity, and much more without any hassle

Add Multiple Address

Let customers allow office, home, and work addresses separately. Customers can add multiple addresses, they can choose any one of them while placing orders

Raise Your Medical Dispensaries Business with Online Platform

Take advantage of modern technology solutions, embrace an online ordering platform for your marijuana business and give your customers the convenience of having weed products at their location

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FAQs About Cannabis Online Ordering System

1. What are the various modules the cannabis ordering system consists of?

In order to run the delivery business flawlessly, the white label cannabis ordering system comes with a separate solution for all i.e.customers, stores, and delivery providers.

2. Can I list down the “N” number of products within the marijuana delivery system?

Yes, you can add numerous products along with their images, prices, and description. You can also manage products with ease.

3. What If I require some modifications to be done after launching my solution?

Based on your requirements, our development and support team will assist you to proceed further.

4. Would It be a cost-effective solution for my business?

Yes, get started with the emerging solution, it would save costs spent on manual business activities and bring automation to your business.