Swiggy Business Model


Swiggy is a popular online platform that is used by a wide range of users to order their favorite food from the nearby restaurant. It clocks more than 1.4 million orders each day from the foodies. Swiggy has successfully developed its presence in 325+ cities in India. And it connects around 45000 agents and has partnered with more than 1,30,000 restaurants so that it can easily satisfy the hunger of the foodies by providing the best of its service all the time. Swiggy business model is developed in such a way which brokes all traditional barriers to avail favorite food of foodies at their doorstep. Started in August 2014, Swiggy has become a common name for foodies who want to order food online. Over 5,000,000 mobile app is installed by the foodies on their smartphones, even this advance online platform has experienced a tremendous increase in the funding. Delve into the business model of Swiggy to know how this model helps companies and service providers to offer much effective service to users.

Swiggy raised around $80 million in funding in 2017 when Naspers investment in it, and later on in 2018, Swiggy received $100 million investment from China-based Meituan-Dianping and Naspers. This investment increased the company valuation at around $1 billion. Swiggy believes in offering quick doorstep food delivery services to the foodies, they can enjoy the food of their choice in the minimum time possible. Swiggy came up with an excellent business idea that mix technology with humans to offer a quick solution to users at their fingertips, therefore you must know how the business model of Swiggy actually works and helps to earn a significant return on investment.


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