Our Refund Policy

Elluminati delivers you excellent mobile app solutions built with the latest tech support for running your on-demand business seamlessly. Our products are entirely functional and aligned with your business goals when delivered. It is to note that you can ask for a demonstration in advance before you make any purchase to test out the function yourself.

We offer you a complete demonstration of our developed products. Check all the required features and functions of the solution stack before you buy to see if they meet your requirements. During the demo period, the product can be checked multiple times.

Our Policy states that a client can not return their purchased product and can not claim a refund for the same. If you have any additional queries or support requirements, you can always reach us at [email protected] to find solutions. However, the refund for the purchased product will not be given after the purchase.

We extend our support to guide the installation and configuration of the purchased software solution during the free support period.

Acceptance And Refund Guidelines

We would like you to duly note that once you purchase our product, you also agree to the guidelines and terms of our refund policy. Our expert development team is always ready to answer your queries and solve issues, but we never consider the refund and product return as an option.

If you are not finding the terms and conditions specified in the refund policy meeting your perspectives, you can surely rethink before you purchase a product from us. We would like you to agree to our refund policy before purchasing to avoid any misunderstanding after the purchase process.

If you want any clarifications on the terms mentioned here, you can always contact our sales team at [email protected] to seek answers from our experts.

Policy Modification And Updates

If, under any circumstances, we wish to update or modify our refund policy, you are bound to acknowledge the changes, and only then will you be allowed to continue the use of the purchased product. If, at any point, you find the modification or updates in policy terms questionable, you can contact us for any queries.

If you are invoking any of the terms mentioned in the refund policy any time after the purchase, the policy effective during your purchase will hold you responsible until the dispute is over.

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