Uber Like Handyman Apps Or Uber Like Home Service Apps


Start your own home service and marketplace business online with our Uber Like Handyman Service App or Uber Like Home Service App. For an exclusive business in the local and global market, we provide a single home service app solution that covers each marketplace service business. In this app solution, along with every handyman service, we offer complete white label and feature customized option that increases the brand identity in the market.

What we offer in Uber Like Handyman App


We Provide Four Different Modules in Our Uber Like Handyman App

Customer App

With the help of customer panel, customers can request for service, track the service provider, pay for service and provide feedback of the experience.

Service Provider App

The service providers can accept or reject the service request, navigate to the location of the customer, render the service and receive the payment with the help of a provider app.


The dashboard helps the admin to manage the queries of the customers and provider, payment issues and the growth of the business.


In Uber-like Handyman App, we provide a white label website that matches the theme of your business app with your brand name and your logo.

How Uber Like Home Service App Works


An Effortless and User-Friendly Workflow is Crafted for Our Uber Like Home Service App.

Login and Registration

The customer, as well as the service provider, can log in to the app with their ID and password or can use their social media accounts for login.

Request for Service

Customers can select services that are needed from the list provided and request for the particular service to the service providers.

Service Approval

The service provider gets the notification of the service and has an option to accept or reject it.

Provide Service

Once the service is accepted, the provider needs to navigate and reach the customer’s location to render the service.

Online Payment

Customer pays for the service received from the service provider online by debit/credit card or from the in-app wallet.


Service providers and customers have to provide with the feedback of their experience in the application.

Core Features


Avail Handyman Services at Your Doorstep With Uber Like Handyman Service App Solution

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Handyman App Similar to Uber


Get Handyman Services at Your Preferred Location With Our Handyman App Similar to Uber

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Start a Handyman Business Online With Our  Handyman Services App Solution

Complete Customization

We offer complete customization according to the needs of the business in this Uber-like Handyman Service App.

Save Card Details

The customers can save the details of their debit/credit card in the app which they can use for future payments.

Map View

The feature in the app allows the customer to pin their address on which they want the service to be rendered instead of typing it.

Multiple Payment Option

The customers have multiple payment options like online payment, in-app wallet, cash and so on to pay for the services received by the service provider.

Live Tracking of Provider

The service providers can be tracked by the customers while they reach the location of the service to know the exact time of arrival.

Service Cancellation

The customers have the option of canceling their service request with a valid cancellation reason in the given time.



Start your Handyman Service Business Online

Elluminati Inc. Offers Handyman Service App like Uber For Your Business With Complete Personalisation and White Labeling

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