Launching a Business Online with Uber like Handyman App

A business should consider having the latest tech support by their side when they venture into the online space. The uber like handyman app is one such venture to help every size of businesses around the world with the technical prowess. By the functions that work in favor of generating excellent experiences, the solution embraces everything that a company might ever need.

Starting from supporting the user demands, it also includes support for efficient service management for service providers and a control-ensuring solution for the admin. Also, the cross-platform compatibility for data allows the creation of the same experience across devices through mobile apps and consoles that are part of the system.

Prominent Features of Our Uber Like Home Services App

SMS Verification

  • The uber like home service app includes support for verifying the identity of users and service providers when they register.
  • It not only ensures genuine registration efforts but also keeps the possible cyberattacks at bay to deliver an enhanced experience.
  • Each time a provider accepts the service request, the SMS and Email verification get performed.

Integrated Wallet

  • The solution stack includes an integrated e-wallet facility to provide more comfortable payment options to users and service providers.
  • They can add and save their card details using which they attach and maintain the dedicated balance in their app wallet.
  • Later, they can use the same to pay for the services or receive the payment from users to manage within an app.


  • The job history of service providers gets stored in their dedicated app solution where they can view the service data.
  • It includes the invoice, payment details, duration, service type, and all essential details for each record.
  • Admin can also access the same data using the admin panel to view their work and service capacity from the panel.

Schedule Appointments

  • Users can choose to place appointments and service requests which they can schedule in advance.
  • It helps them book a service in advance from the provider and get the work completed in time.
  • Providers can also plan their accepted job requests using their dedicated solution to produce the best results.

Customer Feedback

  • Customers can provide feedback on the received services to draw the admin’s attention towards the performance of providers.
  • They can choose to rate and review the received services and place the feedback using the app solution.
  • Later, the admin can view this feedback and decide to delete any if they are not required.

Secure Login

  • Security of the login procedure asks for the registered id and password that can provide enhanced services.
  • Login security ensures only authorized persons get to access the panel or the app solution to protect their privacy.
  • It also offers the option to register and log in with one’s social media account for faster access to the apps.

Payment Invoice

  • The invoice for the service charges gets generated after the service providers update the current work status.
  • The costs are calculated based on the fare set by the provider and the total time and resources taken.
  • As the user pays for the services, the invoice gets generated and stored in the admin panel, customer app, and provider app.

Real-time Status Updates

  • The service providers have the option of updating their current service status using various options included in the app.
  • When a provider accepts a service request, the notification gets sent for each stage of the service as well.
  • Service providers have to update their status in real-time, which gets shown to the customers as well.

Manage User Convenience and Increase Revenues with Our Handyman App Like Uber

Control the business operations to support increased revenues and manage promotions with excellent white label solution. Handyman app like uber allows you to create a seamless experience across devices and meet unlimited user demands. Provide services at the comfort of users and earn popularity with business efficiency and thorough service management. Our white label handyman app like uber involves aspects that businesses want their app to work with:

  • Faster and Efficient
  • Hassle-free Operating Capacity
  • User-friendly Design

Ensure Business Competence with white label handyman app solutions

Fit every user demand with universal modules and cloud support by white label handyman app like uber following native app development approaches.

User App

Request Tracking

Users can choose to track their placed service request by viewing the real-time status updates.

Service Provider App

Document Submission

Providers have to submit their documents before they start answering the service requests.

Admin Console

Map View

Admin can view the location of each app user on the map and each ongoing activity in real-time.

User Website

Book Services

Users can choose to book a service right away or schedule it using the user website.

Manage Your Business Online with Home Services App Like Uber

Support service providers with an indulging app experience that creates better services for your users. Our home service app like uber aims to improve business strategies that help achieve success and exponential business growth.

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