Remitano Clone Script

Start a peer-to-peer exchange business with a Remitano clone script that is fully secured and scalable, assisting in moving toward new heights of the business towards one of the most proliferating concepts.

What is the Remitano Clone Script?

Remitano clone script is a centralized currency exchange solution leveraging peer-to-peer trading, choosing from a long list of currencies. The solution is fully customizable to integrate new features or services as and when required making it easier to thrive in the cryptocurrency market with a unique presence.

Elluminati utilizes top-notch technologies to build the platform, also giving the advantage of allowing it to list a wide number of crypto coins listings for exchange. Our team is prominent with its skills and stays updated on new technologies and features. Get our Remitano clone offering an effective trading platform for the users.

Characteristics of the Remitano Clone Script that Entrepreneurs can Take Advantage of

The listed characteristics of the Remitano clone script give entrepreneurs a wider reach to the audience and an effective trading business.

Multiple Payment Methods

The platform is integrated with multiple payment methods for consumers like card payments, NEFT, RTGS, and many more.

Referral Campaigns

Users can share their referral code with their friends to encourage them to register within the platform and earn rewards set by the admin.

Multiple Trading Opportunities

Admin gets to offer multiple trading opportunities within the platform, like limit, market, swapping, range, and a few more to the users.

Varied Fiat Currencies

Multiple currencies are compatible with the platform, which allows users to choose one for trading and liquidity conversion.

Manage Users

Admin manages all users verifying their identity, examining their traders, approving their withdrawal amount, and many more.

OTP Verification

This feature works to confirm the identity of users by sending OTP to the user’s Email Address and Phone Number.

Explore the Modules of Remitano Clone

All the modules of the Remitano clone are feasible and also consist of varied features and functionalities.

User App

Document Updation

Consumers can choose to update their submitted documents from the app by replacing the old document with a new one.

Fund Account

Fund e-wallet accounts with already-owned digital coins or other assets with full encryption without volume restriction.

Peer to Peer Trading

Traders can buy or sell digital assets peer to peer without any intervention of the third party without any hurdles.

Separate Order Book

Traders get their coin’s order lists on a separate screen which includes all the details about the coins, including price and payment method.

User Website

Choose Language

Users can select the language for trading within the platform as offered by the admin, giving a convenient trading experience.


Traders can use the platform to invest in cryptocurrency for a fixed time interval and learn to gain significant profits.

Multi-Currency Pairing

Traders can utilize multiple currencies for pairing in the platform, which facilitates individuals to pair that are heavily traded.

Advance Chat

Individuals can set a precise range to buy or sell cryptos in the respective fiat currency that another user can agree on that range.

Admin Panel

User Monitoring

Admin can track all user transactions like spot, future and option and get all the details to know more about if the trading is successful or failed.

Dispute resolution

Admin can resolve the disputes during the transactions; the admin would be notified that due to escrow notifications and act on it.


Admin can perform KYC for all the users separately to eliminate entry of the fraudulent to the platform and perform safe business.

Descriptive Dashboard

Users get a comprehensive dashboard that consists of data about users, transactions, coins, payment methods, etc.

How does the Remitano Clone App Work?

Crypto trading markets are dominating worldwide, and the concept is widely accepted for its centralized nature giving utmost security comparatively. Remitano clone app gives an easily adaptable workflow to the users as described in below steps:

  • Users have to fill out a registration form with the asked basic details, ID proof documents, and bank account details.
  • Admin will verify the documents, and then users will trade through a favorable payment method.
  • The deal is connected to the escrow wallet integration with the confirmation of the escrow wallets.

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Elluminati has a versatile team for Remitano like app development, giving a business-ready solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Remintano Clone Script

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The total duration of the development of the Remitano clone script depends on the complexities of the project, technologies, the number of developers and their expertise, and many more factors. In a case where the platform is chosen over building it from scratch, the duration of development will be lesser.

The cost of the Remitano clone script varies from project to project as it has many dependencies to count the total cost. It includes development technologies, duration given, skills of the developers, customization, etc.

The platform is entirely scalable, so it is possible to integrate multiple services and inclined features without much hassle.

Elluminati has a team of experts who build the Remitano clone with a righteous approach and robust tools and technologies making it a perfect solution for the crypto exchange environment for any range of businesses.

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