Poloniex Clone Script

Begin in the Crypto industry with a Poloniex clone script to witness steady returns and stand out in the market with complete personalization as per the business requirements.

Poloniex Clone Script

What is the Poloniex Clone Script?

Poloniex clone script is a ready-made script for crypto trading, including all required plugins and APIs, security-enhanced features, simple workflow, and many more benefits. The script allows any level of customization to draw it down to a personalized appearance in the competitive markets with a unique business presence.

For a smooth corporation in a centralized exchange platform, it is a perfect script that allows multiple exchanging prospects for the users and a secure wallet to hold, withdraw and transfer any number of coins and fiat money. White Label Poloniex clone allows entrepreneurs’ high-volume trading businesses to be managed seamlessly for all types of startups.

Ascribed Modules of Poloniex Clone

Explore modules of the Poloniex clone with an interactive interface and advanced features.

User App

Buy & Sell Crypto

Traders purchase and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money via Master, Visa cards, or online transfers, which are deposited to their in-app wallet.

Referral Program

Admin can allow referral programs for traders, after which users can share their referral ID with new users to create new accounts and acquire concessions.

Spot Trading

Traders can start trading with crypto trading with the spot trading method in which they can buy crypto assets and sell when the cost rises.

Two Factor Authentication

Traders get two-factor authentication within the platform to eradicate disfavored parties accessing the portfolio and causing any damage.

User Website

Track History

Traders can track their order history of cryptocurrencies, whether purchased, traded, stacked, or each transaction with its required details.

Comparison of Cryptos

Users can analyze the cryptocurrencies with their real-time values, showing change, high, low, and volume in 24 hours for each cryptocurrency.

Trade with Fiat

Traders can buy and sell crypto assets with fiat money via Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, and bank transfers.

Mark Tokens as Favorite

Traders can mark the token pairs as favorites which will be directly accessed from favorites to trade quickly for that list.

Admin Panel

Set Trade Fees

Admin of the Poloniex clone app can set trading fees for the users; the fees can be different in regions and can be updated anytime.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The admin gets a dashboard with all the essential details of the centralized exchange business, expressed in the form of numbers and charts.

Content Management System

Admin has the right to decide and update user's side content and features like registration details, terms and conditions, and so on.

Security Settings

Admin has the right to decide a few security settings for users, like email and phone number verification, KYC, 2FA, etc.

Launch Your Crypto Trading Platform With Poloniex Clone App

Get a unique presence in the crypto exchange industry with a white label Poloniex clone app

How does the Poloniex Clone Work?

The Poloniex clone holds all the required functionalities to allow hassle-free exchanging and business. The software script entails the simplest working flow for traders to enroll in the platform and start exchanging cryptos for large volumes and profits. Here is the exclusive workflow explained:

  • Users first have to enlist on the platform, entering their email and phone number and essential information as asked.
  • Then users have to verify their identity by uploading a verifiable identity; users get a 16-digit key which they can note to register on the platform.
  • Traders can start by depositing funds to their personal e-wallets on the app. Further, they can start trading through fiat money.
  • They can prefer the desired crypto pair as allowed on the platform and place the demand immediately.
  • Once the ask or bid is concluded successfully, they will obtain the cryptocurrency immediately in the wallet.

Security Concerning Attributes of White Label Poloniex Clone Script

Get an idea of some paramount security elements that the white label Poloniex clone script

Two Factor Authentication

Traders, while enlisting in the platform, can facilitate two-factor authentication to eliminate any violations from unwanted parties.

Automatic Log Out

The exchange automatically logs out of the portfolio after users complete their transactions in the platform, which will prevent any malicious breaches.

Anonymous IP Detection

When the anonymous login is noticed from an anonymous IP address or gadget, the admin transmits out an alert caution to the users.

SSL Encryption

A Secure Socket Layer is a definitive security technology for setting encrypted links between a server and a client.

Anti-phishing Code

For every portfolio, the anti-phishing code will be sent to each user's email ID, which is linked to the portfolio for security reasons.

User Account Monitoring

The user's account will be monitored for every multiple device login, password change, update in profile details, and transaction, all for security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for Poloniex like app development?

The cost to develop a Poloniex like app development varies with multiple factors like technology, region of development, duration of the process, and many more.

Why Choose Elluminati's Poloniex clone script?

Elluminati's White Label Poloneix clone script is built with a solid tech stack with an agile development process to ensure the business-ready platform is executed without much hassle.

How long will it take to build the platform?

The time duration to build such a platform depends on the complexity of the app, technologies utilized, developer's skills, etc.