Paxful Clone Script

Get a scalable P2P Paxful clone script for decentralized trade facilitating high-end security features for transactions with the built-in escrow system.

Paxful Clone Script

What is Paxful Clone Script?

Paxful clone script is a prebuilt P2P exchange platform built with the finest tech stack and integrated with solid security features. It allows building an ecosystem for crypto traders to exchange decentralized currencies effortlessly. It allows users to buy, sell, hold, or liquidate cryptocurrencies through a secure wallet.

It is a peer-to-peer customizable platform that allows the integration of the soundest features and functionality making it beneficial for entrepreneurs to update the platform at any time required. Elluminati’s Paxful clone allows complete branding to the users to launch a platform with a unique identity in the competitive industry.

Modules of Paxful Clone

Paxful clone has all the essential modules, as mentioned with outstanding features.

User App

Explore Offers

Users can explore the available offers to trade to buy, entering the amount spent or using the filter to explore ranges for trading.

Select Currency

Multiple currencies are integrated with the platform from which users can select those that are convenient to trade.

Invite Friends

Users can invite new friends to the platform receiving rewards as offered by the business admin to connect the new users.

Update Profile Details

Users can update their details on the profile or, if required, ID proof which will be verified by the admin and reflected in the platform.

User Website

Online Wallet

Users get online wallets connected to their bank account, which are secure to store the cryptocurrencies and fiat money within.

Buy and Sell

Users can buy and sell crypto currencies easily and instantly within the platform following a few simple steps.

Digital Currency

Users can utilize digital currency like Tether, or Ethereum, to sell and buy cryptocurrencies in the same way as fiat money.

Trading History

Users get to track trading history as recorded in the platform for the analysis of all its information like amount, time, coins, etc.

Admin Panel

Multi Locations Trading

Admin can decide to allow users to trade in multiple locations directing the trading fees and regulations accordingly.

Verify Users

Admin verifies the user document for ID proof and bank accounts for trading cryptocurrencies and blocks them when required.

Add Languages

Multiple languages are integrated, which the admin can choose to allow on it the user side, from which users opt for one convenient one.

Trading Charts

All the types of trading records are stored within the platform in the form of charts and can be compared.

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Get the top-notch P2P Paxful like app development for the crypto exchange business entering the market with all the ensured security and scalable features.

How Does Paxful Clone Script Work?

Crypto trading is one of the fastest growing industries adopted by users and yet complex. Paxful clone script makes it very simple for users to exchange cryptocurrencies. Here is the complete process described that users have to adopt to start trading.

  • Create an account on the platform with the basic details asked and all essential details about the user’s identity proof.
  • Add bank details for access to the wallet. All of these details will be verified by the business admin.
  • Users can start trading by mutually deciding the price and payment method from which the admin charges fees.

Notable Features of Paxful Clone App

Take note of some important features of the Paxful clone script.

Crypto Staking

Users can stake crypto coins in their wallets, earning rewards depending on the time of the holding and the currency that is stacked.

Bounty and Airdrops

Users will be rewarded for reaching the target of trading cryptocurrencies as set by the business admin within the platform.

IEO LaunchPad

The platform is given an IEO launchpad giving an opportunity to launch new coins on the platform for high returns.

Liquidity Farming

Users can get the benefit of liquidity farming by converting the decentralized coins into the fiat currencies of the platform.

Real-time Updates

The platform works in real time, for which the users and admin will be notified of all the inclined details like coin price, change, etc.

User Account Monitoring

The user’s accounts are monitored by the admin for their trading volumes and changes in user details to regulate security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the security attributes consists within the script?

The solution consists of multiple security features, like KYC, two-factor authentication, user account monitoring, SMS/Email verification, and anti-phishing code. Moreover, it is fully customizable so as to integrate more features for security.

How much does it cost for Paxful like app development?

The cost of Paxful like app development entirely relies on the functions and technologies used as decided for the business assignment. Besides are many other factors that contribute to its overall price, like location, complexity, features to be customized, etc. To know more about the costs, contact [email protected]

What are the most beneficial features of a Paxful clone?

The most beneficial features of Paxful clone are scalability, security features, multiple payment modes, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and many more.

Why choose Elluminati for the crypto trading solution?

Elluminati has a trustable developer team that contributes to building the most effective solution for the business. Our solution is built with the most fruitful approach making it business-ready.