LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Take a step in the crypto industry by launching your own trading platform with the LocalBitcoins clone script allowing effective and streamlined business with multiple trading options.

What is the LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

LocalBitcoins clone script is a crypto exchange environment configured to perform the peer-to-peer trading of decentralized currencies that utilizes escrow mechanisms for admin management. The users get all the security features, multiple payment modes, and an e-wallet to hold and conduct transactions through it.

It is a perfect platform to enter into the crypto trading community as of the vast and competitive industry. We offer a solid and customizable LocalBitcoins clone app with an appealing UI, complete branding, and liquidity-ready for any business dimension.

Look Out Everything About LocalBitcoins Clone Modules

Investigate all the modules of the LocalBitcoins clone consisting of all the essential features.

User App

Explore Offers

Users can explore all offers from traders to sell or buy crypto coins and filter those for ranges, payment methods, and currencies.

Live Price Tracker

Users can track the price of the coins in real-time, in addition to their change and the ups and downs of the day, and all inclined details.

Chat Bots

Users can communicate with the traders about the further price inquiry of the coins and payment methods through the LocalBitcoins clone.

Feedback System

Users can give feedback about their experience of trading within the platform, which the admin can analyze and mark for future updates.

User Website

Two-factor Authentication

For the signing process, users get two-factor authentication for more secure signing within the platform by entering OTP beside the password.

Push Notification

Users get push notifications for every action in the platform, including updates in the price of push notifications.

Multiple Trade Modes

Users get multiple payment modes for trading crypto coins like credit/debit cards, online transfers, payment gateways, etc.

Set Trading Limit

Users can set a range to buy or sell cryptos in the respective fiat currency that another user can agree that range.

Admin Dashboard

Trading Fees

Admin can set trading fees for all the coins within the platform depending on the type of coin, location of trading, volume of trade, and so on.

Verify Users

Admin verifies users' details by checking their ID proofs and bank details manually and approving them to start trading within the platform.

Approve Withdrawal Amount

Users' request to withdraw the amount from their e-wallet is approved by the admin that verifies the amount, left balance, currency, etc.

Hard Wallet Compatibility

Admin can allow the user's hard wallets which are offline and compatible with the online wallet, to protect their amount from online tethering.

Enter into the Crypto Trading Community With LocalBitcoins Like App Development

Compatible and secure with any device, get our LocalBitcoins like app development that allows high volumes of crypto trading seamlessly.

How does the Localbitcoins Clone App Work?

Elluminati constructs the finest platform for trading crypto coins feature-packed and security-ensured. It takes care of the technology and process for development to draw out an ideal solution for the business. For varied users, the LocalBitcoins clone app has a very simple working flow to start trading any high volume of coins.

  • Users start by registering to the platform and entering the required details about ID and bank details.
  • They get access to the e-wallets that are connected to their required bank details, where they can hold the fiat money and the coins.
  • Users can ask and bid a price for the coins and settle it with one. The traders can also communicate with themselves through chatbots. They agree on the price and payment mode to trade.

Important Security Features of LocalBitcoins Clone

Localbitcoins clone has some imperative features to enter into the decentralized currency trading safely.


Users have to perform KYC to start trading into the platform, which is directed by the admin for verification of the ID.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows users to securely log in to the platform, getting a one-time password each time besides the login password.

Anti Phishing Code

A unique code is generated for all profiles sent to the respective email IDs of the users that give a unique identity to the users.

SMS and Phone Verification

The user's phone number and email are verified to screen to check the user ID and allow them to trade within the platform.

Login Limits

A login limit will be set for the users when entering the wrong password for three continuous attempts, after which the account will be seized.

Device Tracking

Users will be tracked for the login devices, checking the IP of all the devices and verifying unwanted device login attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions About LocalBitcoins Clone Script

How much does it cost for Localbitcoins like app development?

The cost for LocalBitcoins like app development depends on multiple factors. The average range is $10000 to $50000. However, the factors like location, technology stack, the complexity of the project, customization, etc.

What are the payment options integrated within the platform?

The payment methods added to the platform are debit/credit card payment, NEFT, RTGS, P2P, IMPS, etc.

Why do I choose Elluminati’s LocalBitcoins clone script?

LocalBitcoins clone script built by Elluminati has utilized the intuitive technology stack, robust security features, a fully customized script, appealing UI/UX, and much more reason that makes it the right option to choose.

What technology stack is preferred for the development of the platform?

The technology stack preferred for the development of the platform is Solidity, Javascript, and Web3; frameworks like Truffle; tools like Ganache, Remix, and Metamask. To get details information about the technology stack, contact [email protected]