Kraken Clone Script

Are you looking to enter the peer-to-peer trading market? Get a Kraken clone script to start an effective business for a wide range of audiences over multiple regions bringing a huge difference.

Kraken Clone Script

What is Kraken Clone Script?

Kraken clone script is a ready-to-launch solution for entrepreneurs looking to allow their users to buy and sell crypto assets, liquidate them, hold them, and many more things. It gives a wide opportunity to the admin to kickstart the business with multiple revenue streams, as the script is completely customizable.

Elluminati offers the solution with trending and latest features devised in it in addition to stiff security features for the users and admin. Start the business right with a Kraken clone script that is completely white labeled and customized as per the business’s requirements, like theme, logo, charts, visuals, etc., all contributing to a unique presence in the market.

Watch Out for All the Modules of Kraken Clone

Boost your business with feature-rich modules of Kraken clone

User App

Analyze Price

Analyzing crypto prices in different currencies so as to get the estimation of buying and selling in fiat money gets easier.

Search Currencies

As of the wide list of cryptos listed on the platform, traders can search for the currencies they are looking to buy or analyze.

Fund Account

Users can fund their e-wallet accounts with already-owned digital coins or other assets with full encryption without the restriction of volume.

Reward Programs

Traders are rewarded by the admin for the large volume of liquidity, holdings, or stacking within the platform in their e-wallets.

User Website

Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways are integrated within the Kraken clone script, giving reliable payment options for exchanging.

Crypto Staking

Traders can stake high-volume assets in their e-wallets, which are escrow encrypted, and earn maximum profits with them.

Set Timezone

Multiple time zones are leveraged in the platform allowing traders to select any of them and then analyze the market with that.

Portfolio Tracking

Users can track their own portfolio, which has all details like buying, selling, and stacking so as to refer to it for future trading.

Admin Panel

Admin Access

Admin can manage the exchange functions like transactions, security, trader’s information, verifications, regions, etc.

Set Commissions

Admin has the right to keep and change the commissions for the user’s trades in different regions, depending on multiple factors.

Allow Verification

Enable or disable email and SMS verification for all the traders, depending on the requirements of the security in the platform.

Compare Coins

Admin can compare the crypto coins for various markets to understand and then act on it for further trading.

Start Big with Kraken Like App Development From Elluminati

Instigate a crypto exchange business with Kraken like app development from Elluminati that utilizes the soundest technology.

How does the Kraken Clone Works?

The readymade script is designed with user-centric features and stiff security functionings. Kraken clone allows the users to start trading with the simplest process, facilitating an effective trading experience with a set of amazing features. Here is the process explained in simple steps:

  • The trader will start installing the app and create an account in the Kraken clone, entering the required details for registering. Email and contact will be verified with the verification link. After clicking will be successfully registered on the platform.
  • Then users have to add legal documents for government authorization, bank details to link accounts to e-wallets, and KYC. All of these will be approved by the admin.
  • After that, users can start buying and selling crypto coins with appropriate payment methods and also opting for any trading method.
  • Users can also withdraw amounts from the e-wallets, requesting the admin.

Go Through the Amazing Feature Set of the Kraken Clone App

Explore the Kraken clone app’s trending and essential features

White label Platform

The platform is a completely white label platform enabling to customize it as per the business’ logo and theme.

Multiple Markets

Admin can analyze the performance of the coins in multiple markets like BTC, USDT, and ETH, analyzing individual crypto coins.

Analyze Orders

Admin can analyze the orders of users in all the types of trading that have information about price and amount.

Timely Analysis

Admin can analyze the charts at different time durations from 1 day to year or choose a particular day’s data.

Change Scale of Chart

Admin and users can change the scale of the chart between log and auto toggle for analysis of the crypto coins.

Order History

Admin and users both get to see the trading history that has details about their buying and selling of the cryptos.

Frequently Asked Questions Kraken Clone Script

What is the total cost of Kraken like platform development?

The total cost of the Kraken like platform development depends on a bunch of factors like how complex the assignment is, the development of the script from scratch, and many more factors. The average citation about the amount is $10000 - $50000.

Why Choose Elluminati for the Kraken clone script?

Elluminati’s Kraken clone script gives many reasons to entrepreneurs, like it is highly secured and compatible with multiple payment gateways, gives scalability to integrate multiple trading methods, and many more.

How long will it take to launch the platform?

The time for development depends on mainly two factors first, if that is developed from scratch or if that is a ready-made script. Further, the cost of customization, tech stack, and development process are preferred.

What notable security features does the script has?

Some of the majorly affecting features of the script are its cost-effectiveness, inbuilt security features, liquidity support, various fiat currencies, etc.