Coinbase Clone Script

Start an extensive crypto exchange business with our Coinbase clone script that is upheld with the required security features and follows an effective approach to building, ensuring the easiest trading process.

What is a Coinbase Clone Script?

Coinbase clone script is a cryptocurrency buying and selling environment that helps businesses to set up their own exchange website. It is scalable to integrate numerous coins enabling secure and swift exchanges with all the easy-going features and functions. Besides, it gives multiple trading choices to the users, and thus a business gets multiple earning channels.

The admin is allowed to fix the trading charges and update that anytime. Also, it gives the opportunity to expand the business to multiple locations as the platform gives all flexibility to manage the business in all the regions. Get a cost-effective white-label Coinbase clone from Elluminati that is set up with a finely furnished working process and utilizes top-grade technologies.

Best Features of Coinbase Clone Script

Explore some fantastic features Coinbase clone script

Different Payment Modes

Users can conduct the transaction by selecting the most favorable payment method choosing from the multiple options given.

Instant Notifications

Users and business admins can receive instant notifications about the actions and updates from the platform in real time.

Multiple Fiat Currency

The platform supports multiple currencies within the platform from which users can opt the one for crypto exchanges.

Report Generator

All the transactions and crypto holding report is generated within the platform for all the users and admin, which give a comprehensive analysis.

Multiple Bank Details

Users can link multiple bank details within the platform and choose any of them for transactions while trading cryptos or fiat money.

Chart Analysis

For all the cryptocurrencies, a comprehensive chart is prepared for the analysis that covers change, volume, supply, etc.

Modules of the Coinbase Clone App

Explore Coinbase clone app modules and their features that structure the crypto exchange platform at its best levels.

User App

Market Stats

All the market stats are presented and updated in the user app giving a detailed analysis of the trading.

Crypto E-wallet

Users get e-wallets that store cryptocurrencies with tight security and withdraw assets with utmost ease.

ASK/BID Coin Price

Buyers and sellers can ask and bid respectively for the coins and easily perform transactions to the mutually decided prices.

Digital Currency

Users can utilize digital currency like Tether, or Ethereum, to sell and buy cryptocurrencies in the same way as fiat money.

User Website

Multiple Languages

Users can use multiple languages to communicate effectively with users from any region for crypto exchange.

Easy-to-use Interface

The dashboard is built to be responsive to conduct swift transactions since it is ensured to be bug-free and has the best security.

Real-time Updates

For the values of all the coins, users get real-time updates and can trade by analyzing all the information about currencies.

Email/SMS Verification

While registering to the platform, users have to verify their email and contact details for the security purposes of the user portfolio.

Admin Panel

Control Users

Admin can approve and decline users’ entry to the platform for crypto trading, also after verifying user’s information and transactions.

Set Commissions

Business persons can set commissions for the trade of each type of currency and also for different regions through the admin dashboard.

Add Languages

Multiple languages are integrated, which the admin can choose to allow on it the user side, from which users opt for one convenient one.

Referral Program

Admin sets the referral campaigns for the users, keeping the rewards for the users and new users referred by platform users.

How Does Coinbase like app Work for the User?

Coinbase like app gives a wider scope to entrepreneurs to appeal to a wide range of users with its responsive designs, secure actions, and swift transactions. Users get the most simple and secure process to start trading for various cryptocurrencies.

  • Users have to register on the platform by entering the following details. Then add the following ID proof to the platform for verification.
  • Then comes the bank details. Users have to enter their credit or debit cards or bank account details. They can even add multiple accounts, choosing any of them while trading.
  • All the details will be verified by the admin, like ID proof and bank details.
  • Users can start buying and selling currencies seeking maximum profits. They also get multiple trading opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Coinbase Clone App

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A business can allow the listing of any number of cryptocurrencies within the exchange platform.

The platform ensures tough security for conducting transactions like, two-factor authentication, KYC, email and SMS verification, user account monitoring, and many more required ones.

Technologies preferred for Coinbase like app development are Solidity, Truffle, Ganache Remix and many more give flexibility in development and the best results in the end.

Elluminati’s Coinbase clone ensures the utmost flexibility for the business to integrate the new features, manage any number of users and currencies, and so on. Besides, the platform is cost-effective for the business to invest in.

The cost of Coinbase like app development lasts between $10000- $50000. This range varies with the factors like complexities of the project, customization, technologies, etc. To know more about the cost, contact us will guide you for the same

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