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Commence your position in the beauty industry with Nykaa clone, witnessing the growth and automation in the business and having entire control over the business.

What is a Nykaa Clone? How does the Platform Ensure Stunning Growth in the Beauty Industry?

Nykaa clone is an app platform for the beauty and fashion business category, advancing the serving and consuming methods. Any number of product listings can be done on the platform, enticing consumers for a wide range of choices shopped online.

There is a certain shift in the beauty industry outlook of 2024, with the changing ways they business and the way the business. It has gained a very different look now from before; the beauty industry has thrived for one major - a versatile online platform. An app like Nykaa is a sensation in the industry aspiring businesses to take the initiative for their business idea.

How does the Nykaa Clone Script Works?

The change in the outlook of the beauty industry and its method to perform the business is entirely changed. Nykaa clone script is formed with separate modules dedicated for users, sellers, and business admin. It enables a workflow different from conventionals but not so different from the existing one. Here are the steps mentioned below:

  • Customers can browse for the various items from the dedicated app or website, listed with prices and descriptions.
  • Vendors can prepare that order and request to the provider for delivery on the request address of the consumers.
  • Deliveryman picks up the parcel from the outlets, drives it to the customer’s location, and hands it to the buyer.

Segments And Their Features In Nykaa Clone App

Modules of Nykaa clone app aims for higher business standards and prominent result with best-in-class features

User App

Multiple Categories

Customers get multiple classifications of items, from which they can choose to get it from a shop and pay for them all at once.

Choose Language

Customers can select a language from wide options for using the app or website while login into the platform.

Comment Reviews

Customers can share ratings and reviews of the products and services they received from the stores and deliveryman, respectively.

Register Options

Customers can register with the registration form or use social media accounts like Facebook with just one click or Google ID.

User Website

Multiple Search Filters

Customers can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the stores they are looking for.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Customers can order instant delivery or schedule a preferred time and date to their desired addresses.

Select Items to Add to the Cart

They can choose multiple items from a store, from various categories, add them to the cart, and pay altogether.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers get multiple payment methods to choose from, like cards, cash, and e-wallets, to pay for the order.

Store Panel

Add Bank Details

For transactions within the platform, stores can add bank details that can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform to settle the payments.

Manage Profile

Stores can change their profile information like name, email, password, contact details, address, etc.

Choose Languages

Stores get multiple languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Change Password

Stores can update the password anytime they want from the profile details adding old and new passwords.

Store App

Manage Orders

Vendors can manage the order lists online, which are differentiated as past orders, schedule orders, ongoing orders, etc, which is listed as the history.

Create Orders

Stores can generate online orders for buyers with a similar process that customers follow and can allocate delivery services if requested by customers.


Vendors can mark earnings of the stores with separate lists of monthly orders analysis and also weekly earning analysis.

Different Prices

Vendors can set separate charges for each item like items, modifiers, delivery charges and also set taxes on items or services.

Provider Application


Drivers can navigate the address from outlet to user’s address using the integrated map, which also gives multiple route options.

Track Earnings

Delivery providers track their earnings in the app using the reports generated from the index list of the deliveries they have served.

Identity Verification

Delivery providers can upload the documents in a few steps, get a quick verification from the admin, and can start earning.

Withdraw Money

Providers can withdraw money from the e-wallets merged into the app; they can either transfer money to bank accounts from wallets or withdraw directly.

Admin Panel

Dispatch Order

Admins can send the dispatch of the parcel by allocating them to the delivery man either with the algorithm of auto-selection or allotting it manually.

Emails And SMS Setting

Admins can send emails for the SMS to all the platform users for any kind of announcements about the platform, like updates or discounts.

Manage Stores

Admins can manage the stores, their menu, earnings, orders, and deliveryman; and also can set prices for delivery services from the store.

Integrated Map

Admins can track the deliveryman’s location and also check the ongoing, assigned, and new deliveries through the map.

Stunning Features Of Nykaa Clone That Entices Users

Takeaway Orders

Consumers can order and pay with a payment gateway but can opt to takeaway orders from the shop; stores will notify consumers to select the order when it is prepared.

Referral Benefits

Every user who registers in the platform will get a referral code that can be shared with the unregistered users who can use it in their process.

Reviews of Items

Buyers can order from the shops assuring the reviews and ratings given to each of them;

Multiple Categories

Customers can get the article list, each of which is divided into separate varieties, which makes it restful to pick entities from a certain store.

Store’s Directions

Customers can get the directions to the shop straight from the panel, which they can use to locate it, check the distance, and also in takeaways services.

Delivery Providers App

Providers can use the app for their extra income, fulfilling delivery requests using an app.

Customer App

Customers get an intuitive ordering platform with a wide range of choices and the best user interface.

Vendor App

Vendors get a platform to manage the incoming orders, users, and deliverymen.

Check How E-Delivery Apps Functions For A Seamless Business

The apps are developed with the most advanced technology stack and impressive user interface.

Delivery Providers App

Providers can use the app for their extra income, fulfilling delivery requests using an app.

Customer App

Customers get an intuitive ordering platform with a wide range of choices and the best user interface.

Vendor App

Vendors get a platform to manage the incoming orders, users, and deliverymen.

Ensures The Working Of Consoles Of E-Delivery

User Website

Users’ websites are similar to the applications for making easy ordering and online payments.

Admin Panel

Admin can manage stores, users, and providers, maintain their earrings, and many other business aspects.

Store Website

Stores can manage orders, earnings deliverymen, and other business analyses using panels.

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