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Groningen, Netherland

Founding year


Pien started as an operational manager at Toppas while studying Economics. Now, 4 years later, she arranges all the ins and outs of the company. Can’t find a babysitter? Pien is coming. Special babysitting request? Pien. Intake interviews with Top Passers? Pien, so.

Justine is one of the founders of Toppas. When she heard about the challenges of her babysitting family in her first year of study, she thought there was room for improvement. After all, I have a whole group of friends who could watch out and are super reliable. One thing led to another, and the rest is history…

The third team member of Toppas is Liselotte. An avid babysitter and entrepreneur, she started Toppas by leaving flyers with families. Liselotte is now the creative director of Toppas and takes care of everything related to branding, marketing, and communication.

Toppas, born in 2013 in a student room on the Kraneweg….

All three stated women, Pien, Justine, and Liselotte, working as babysat during their college years, they realized how difficult childcare is. It is difficult to arrange, a babysitter is difficult to find and keep, crèches are very expensive, and ‘ordinary’ BSO simply does not work for many families.

Now - almost after 10 years, 500 babysitters and 200 families later - they still hear horror stories about finding the right babysitter. They see women who can’t go back to work or make other sacrifices because they can’t find a suitable babysitter. The mission of these three ladies is to empower young families to do whatever they want, whenever they want. By arranging a babysitter who contributes to the happiness of your child. Because parenting doesn’t mean you can’t have spontaneous adventures anymore! Happy parent, happy kid.

The realization of a woman’s difficulty having a baby child becomes the motive for them.

Core Values of Toppas

Unconditional acceptance

Unconditional acceptance of the child’s individuality, needs, possibilities, and limitations. Unconditional acceptance of his or her way of thinking, functioning, and experiencing.

Behavior is a signal

A child’s behavior is a signal; it wants to tell us something and make it clear. Looking at this behavior without judgment means that you can decipher the signal and offer the child what he or she needs.

Clarity and predictability

Safety is one of the most important basic needs of a child. Safety is created through clarity and predictability. It gives the child a grip on the situation. Growth of autonomy is stimulated, and self-confidence and self-image are increased.

Independence and empowerment

Through clear communication, the child knows what to do. By conveying unconditional trust, the child dares to do something. As long as it is clear what the task is and the child experiences the confidence of the other to carry out the task independently, that’s how the self-confidence grows.

Helps to Society in Covid-19

Schools are closed, and childcare is also closed due to the lockdown. Combining working from home and teaching the children is a challenge for many parents, as Babysitting Service Toppas in Groningen has also noticed.

Ms. Pien Regtuit of the babysitting service could notice on Monday that schools had started again. Many parents asked for a babysitter these days. “All schools are closed, and that means homeschooling is starting. Our babysitters are happy to help the children with their schoolwork so the parents can continue working in peace. We help parents out of the fire.”

All babysitters work according to the guidelines of the RIVM. They only come if they have no complaints themselves and if there are no complaints with the family.

How Eservice and the Talented Dedicated Team support as solution of the problem:

Toppas is the largest babysitting agency in Groningen, having a network of 250 students aged between 19 and 23. Parents often spend too much time looking for a good and reliable babysitter. Toppas has solved the problem of the parents with the customized clone of the EService product by the developer team at our end. The changes in the base product have been done by the experienced developer team, which is specifically required for the client as they would like to have the system for nannies. Toppas has a network that parents often don’t have themselves. So, it works to put the parent and the babysitter in contact with each other.

Toppas has chosen to follow their own minor next year at the Northerners because Ms. Pien knows that Toppas has the potential to grow. Working in her own company for half a year during her studies is an opportunity that she cannot pass up. She hopes to be able to grow and professionalize through the Northerners and the help she receives.


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