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Caracas, Distrito Capital

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Downloads: 1K+

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish

Flety Conductor

Downloads: 1K+

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish

Flety is Venezuela’s first freight app, customized over the Eber product by Augusto Chirimelli, Founder and CEO, with 15 years of experience in the Venezuelan freight business as a transport business owner. The objective is to connect shippers with carriers in real time to increase job opportunities and ease the trip-finding process for shippers.

There are 3000+ customers, and 1120+ certified and experienced drivers are associated with the Flety, which is a remarkable growth within a very short time after the launch. Their experts help to digitize and optimize the operation of businesses that need customized logistic solutions.

Flety’s Geological Presence

In Venezuela, Flety has marked its presence in 20+ cities and still continues to grow. The customer’s experience has made Flety App No. 1 for land transportation in Venezuela. Out of the stated number of cities, the major business growth in the following city is remarkable.

How Eber and the Dedicated Developer Team Support

It’s a remarkable thing that a person having more than 15 years of experience in the logistics domain has finalized to purchase the Eber as a base product, which satisfied the need with different factors like scalability, features set, performance, user adaptability, affordability, etc.,

Still, for more than one year, they have provided an experienced team of developer who dedicatedly works on the required customization of the product. The team is working on enhancing the product to fulfill the needs of localized clients and suggestions and providing support at the client’s time.

In case of an emergency on the weekend or after working hours, the team is always ready to help the customer whom the client can directly contact. The client can also contact the team during the work days to work on the prioritized task and take the update.

Working with the developer who has developed this product gives them quality and productive output, which takes half of the time compared to another developer team. We are also happy to work on such a project, and the client is also happy to have a fantastic team overseas in India.

The user can plan freight and optimize logistics operations. This is possible thanks to the innovative corporate panel, which is one of the web panels of Eber. The user experience for using the web panels and apps is also up to the mark, which makes it more famous with handy feature sets.

Flety’s Allies

Work with Flety for Solution and Safety

Transport your cargo with us!

The customer can schedule a trip or request it at the time he requires it. Flety will connect the customer with the right truck, company, or driver to take our cargo to any part of the country.

  • Complete management of the required operation. All transport services in a single app
  • National coverage (Soon)
  • Standardized rates.
  • Digitize your logistics operation.
  • Track your cargo throughout the shipping process.

Drive with us!

Once the driver gets associated with the Flety, the driver can have a history of the trips he has made and the trucks he has driven using the application. The objective of providing this feature to the driver is to showcase work with the rating or the clients for whom the driver has made the trip to dispatch the goods.

If drivers intend to offer a good service to customers and the transport company they work for, they can have a resume certified by the Flety. The certification will give the driver credibility; in this way, different transport companies will hire them with more confidence and speed.

Put your truck to work!

Access the first application in Venezuela that connects you in real-time with people or companies looking to move their cargo immediately or schedule.

If a company has cargo transportation services or a person has their own truck, this app is for them.

  • Guarantee of payment in 7 days, without bureaucracy and without risk of non-payment.
  • National coverage (Soon). Square your returns! The era of travel without capitalizing returns is over.
  • Choose when and where to transport merchandise.
  • Digitize your logistics operation.
  • Track your truck.
  • You can have qualified drivers.
  • Feedback.

Safety of Customer’s Merchandise!

The safety of customer’s merchandise is important for several reasons. By taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of merchandise, we can protect the customers, the business’s reputation, and the liability exposure. These steps will also help for the safety of the drivers.

The Flety has considered keeping the certification process for the vehicle and driver, which takes care of the safety of its own and the customer’s merchandise. All the drivers must go through a rigorous certification process, which is why they are trained to guarantee the safety of your merchandise throughout the trip.

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