Ordering.co Alternative

ordering.co alternative

Get the Best Ordering.co Alternative in the Market, E-Delivery is Offered in Multiple Packages by Elluminati

ordering.co alternative

Are You Fed Up With Paying Recursive Monthly Fees for Your Software?

Get E-Delivery - Ordering.Co Alternative To Answer All Your Delivery Business Requirements At One-Time Pay

Providing extensive support to the requirements of enterprises and startups alike, E-Delivery assures to be the best solution and a better alternative to ordering.co with its amazing features and extended support. Elluminati offers this efficient software dedicated to business success.

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  • $7999- for Enterprise Package
  • One-Time Pay Fees
  • Customization Supportive
  • Extends Free Support for Several Months


  • $429/month
  • Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Customization Quotations Prepared
  • Extends Free Support for Several Hours

Essential Modules Offered Under E-Delivery Solution

E-Delivery Consists of Modules That Help in Handling Your Online Delivery Business Well That Too at One-Time Pricing

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Expand Your Food Delivery Business With An Excellent Solution

Get Popular and Earn More Profits Through an Excellent and Reliable Solution by Your Side. Book a demo of E-Delivery to explore its features and benefits, which offer dedicated support and technical proficiency.

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Why You Should Choose E-Delivery As The Alternative To Ordering.Co

The Features Included in E-Delivery - Alternative to Ordering.co Helps in Growing Your Business and Supports Every Requirement of Your Organization

Social Login

The application allows users to log in by connecting to their social media handles, and it supports faster logging in and helps enhance the user experience through the application.

Order Scheduling

Advanced order scheduling helps in pre-booking the required items and also helps in successfully avoiding last-minute cancellation of orders by users due to a mistake in placing one

Accept/Reject Requests

The delivery provider app provides an option of accepting or rejecting a request of delivering the order to a customer’s location from the store from where the customer has selected the items

ETA Details

Notifying customers with the estimated time of arrival of their delivery helps in making them aware of their ordered items’ current status and also keeps them updated about their ordered items’ arrival

Integrated Billing

The store panel includes the feature of billing in it which helps in generating automatic invoices and bills of items sold through the online store and relieves from the worries of keeping track of all records

Map View

The business admin can control and monitor every activity performed throughout the time. The map view feature provides them with the real-time location of each user displayed on the map

Why E-Delivery Offered By Elluminati Is The Ultimate Ordering.Co Similar Solution?

Purchasers Get a White Label Solution Which Comprises of Important Features to Make It an Excellent Choice for Starting Off Your Business

Elluminati Ordering.co
Basic Fees x
White Labeling x x
Customization x
Website Ordering x
Mobile Ordering App
Delivery Provider App x
Delivery Management Dashboard x
Order Management Dashboard x
Analytics and Reporting
Payment Processing
Marketing Campaigns
Social Ordering
In-App Chat x x
Open API’s & Integration
Commission Free Orders
Custom Menu Upload

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