Alternative to Ontabee

alternative to ontabee

Get Your Online Delivery Solution Rolling with E-Delivery, the Excellent Alternative to Ontabee at One-Time Pay Offered by Elluminati

alternative to ontabee

Are You Searching for a More Permanent Solution for Your Restaurant Business?

E-Delivery Is The Ultimate Solution Alternative To Ontabee At One-Time Pay

This alternative to Ontabee consists of all the necessary functionalities and features that help in monitoring and controlling your business well. Each module is designed with excellence to provide desired results and also can help you serve your customers better. These are all the primary reasons for establishing E-Delivery as the best alternative to Ontabee with its one-time pay offer.

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  • $6999- One-Time Pay
  • Supports Unlimited Outlets
  • Zero Setup Cost


  • $49/month
  • Per Outlet Charges Taken
  • $200 Setup Cost

Essential Components Of Ontabee Alternative Delivering Excellent Results To Purchasers

E-Delivery - Ontabee Alternative Contains All the Necessary Modules That Work Together to Give You Excellent Control Over Your Online Restaurant and Food Ordering Business

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Start Your Business Online With Competent Ontabee Alternative

Enjoy the excellent results gained from control over each activity performed through a reliable and robust E-Delivery app. Get dedicated app support that helps cater to changing user needs and promotes efficient delivery services.

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Why Choose E-Delivery For Your Online Food Ordering And Restaurant Business?

E-Delivery Comprises of All Necessary Features That Makes Your Online Food Ordering and Restaurant Business a Hero Among Your Competitors Worldwide

Real-Time Tracking

Allow customers to live track their orders with Ontabee similar solution helps in establishing trust between you and your customers by providing necessary information

Status Updates

Notifying your customers every time their order proceeds to the next stage of delivery helps in keeping them updated with every delivery status

SMS Verification

Before the delivery provider accepts any request, SMS verification gets performed to verify that the request gets accepted by registered delivery providers only

Manage Products

Stores can upload and remove their products through the web panel or using the dedicated mobile app to update their menu anytime and from anywhere

Mass Push Notifications

Admin can send mass push notifications on users’ devices within a few clicks, and it helps in keeping them updated with the latest offers and updates

Go Online / Offline

Switching the status of delivery providers to Offline indicates they are not ready to accept any new delivery requests and hence no requests are sent to those devices

How E-Delivery Offered By Elluminati Is The Best In The Market

Many Advanced Features Integrated into E-Delivery Proves It to Be the Best Choice to Start Your Restaurant Business Online

Elluminati Ontabee
Charges One Time Starting From $49
Setup Charges Free $199 One Time
Stores Unlimited For Free $49 per Store
Orders Unlimited Unlimited
Website Ordering x x
Reports FREE Only For Delivery Men

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