Alternative to MenuDrive

menudrive alternative software

Get the Perfect Alternative to MenuDrive, E-Delivery at One-Time Pay. Choose suiting system support for a strong online business building

menudrive alternative software

Were You Waiting for an Enduring Solution for Launching Your Restaurant Business Online?

Avail The Whale Package Of MenuDrive Alternative At One-Time Pay Fees

E-Delivery offers advanced features and provides on-the-point solutions to the purchasers and helps them flourish their business to its best by delivering excellence and efficiency. Elluminati provides the purchasers with the MenuDrive alternative that covers every single functionality and feature that helps in serving users with dedicated support that too at a one-time pay.

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  • $6999- One-Time Pay
  • Covers Unlimited Number of Stores
  • Zero Menu Setup Fees
  • Online Ordering System
  • White-labeled Solutions


  • $99/month Fees
  • Charges Are Taken for Per Store
  • $299 Menu Setup Fees
  • Online Ordering System
  • White-labeled Solutions

Critical Components Of E-Delivery To Help You Deliver Your Best

E-Delivery Includes Modules That, When Brought Up Together, Ensure to Provide Reliable and Excellent Services to the Purchasers

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Make Your Restaurant Business The Next Happening Thing Around The Town

Increase your revenue and earn more customers with reliable service provided through E-Delivery. Get our excellent technical support, including all the necessary features to make your business a roaring success.

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Why You Should Choose E-Delivery To Start Restaurant Business Online

E-delivery Offers Advanced Features and Excellent Governance Over Each Function and Operation Performed Over the System by Users

Favorite Address

Save addresses in the app to allow faster order placing. A user can save and provide a name to the address to add as the delivery location every time they order.


The invoice gets generated as soon as a user pays the bill amount using any payment method. They can view and download the invoice from the order history.

Manage Users

Admin can manage the user, stores, and delivery providers using the app or the panel. They can view and control their access to the solution from the admin dashboard.

Map View

The panel consists of a map view feature, using which the admin can monitor the location of each user on the map. They can view the store locations on the map too.

Payment Statements

The store panel and application stores the statement of each payment done by the restaurant and supports them in managing their payment statements.

Social Login

The users of the application have the functionality of social login, and it allows the users to log in instantaneously to their applications within a few taps/clicks.

How E-Delivery Offered By Elluminati Stands As The Perfect Alternative To MenuDrive

The Whale Package of E-Delivery Consists of the Advanced Features Which Support the Purchaser to Its Best

Elluminati Menudrive
Charges One Time $99
Stores Unlimited Per Store Charges
Menu Setup Included ( Do It Yourself ) $299
Unlimited Orders
Order Dashboard Panel
Apps For User, Delivery Provider, and Store x
Landing Page
Accept Credit Cards

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