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chownow alternative

Get E-Delivery at One-Time Pay to Support and Grow Your Restaurant Business with a Proficient Alternative to ChowNow Serving User Demands

chownow alternative

Are You Looking Forward to a More Permanent Solution for Running Your Business Online?

Upgrade To The ChowNow Alternative To Get Your Business Running On The Right Track

Ask for the ultimate alternative to ChowNow, which comes at one-time pay and with its advanced features and functionality enriched interfaces. E-delivery guarantees to furnish excellent user experience and also helps in achieving thriving success with a ChowNow alternative integrated into your traditional restaurant business

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  • $6999 -One-Time Pay
  • Zero Setup Cost
  • Web Panels Integrated into the Whale Package


  • $149/month
  • $199 Setup Costs
  • $14/month- Restaurant Website Fees

Components Of E-Delivery Assuring Online Food Ordering Business Success

Here Are the Modules Integrated into E-Delivery to Form It as a Complete Online Ordering Solution

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Get A Solution For Every Need Of Your Business With Awesome Features

Start gaining more popularity and revenue with e-delivery to serve your customers with the best delivery support. Choose our software to create excellent experiences for app users. Contact us today to learn more about our app support.

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Why E-Delivery Offered By Elluminati Is The Best Alternative To ChowNow

E-Delivery Provides Excellent Features Which Prove Beneficial for Businesses and Offers Excellent Services

Multiple Payment Options

Offering more than one payment method to choose from, E-delivery promises to deliver the best user experience to your customers by letting them control the important aspects like payment method

Track Store Location

The delivery provider can track the store location from their device on the integrated map feature to find the best route to reach there and collect the deliverables and make it reach to the user’s doorstep

Manage Categories

Customize your store menu by managing categories and defining new ones on the list with this feature. E-delivery provides you the best way to introduce new delicious cuisines with greater ease

Add Multiple Countries

E-delivery provides an excellent admin panel that can control every action performed in the system. It allows you to expand your business to multiple countries at once and control all with a single panel

Document Verification

Before creating any delivery provider account, the system asks for valid document upload to verify the identity of the registering person and after verification by admin, the account gets created

Incoming Orders

When any customer orders items from a particular store, stores get notified with the quantity of the items and other such necessary details of the incoming orders to serve their customers

Reasons Why E-Delivery Stands As The Better ChowNow Alternative

E-Delivery Provides Purchasers the Offer They Can’t Deny with Attractive and Advanced Features

Elluminati ChowNow
Basic Fees One Time Pay
Setup For Each Location Free
Commission Free Orders
Website Ordering
Management Tools
Menu Upload

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