Uber For Plumbers – On-Demand Plumbing Services App


Running your plumbing business online is now made easier than ever with an excellent solution to support you throughout the time. Elluminati Inc introduces Uber for Plumbers app solution that can help you efficiently run your online business through the support of the latest technology used in crafting the app solution. Allowing your customers to notify service requirements online and providing a platform to efficiently serve them.

What We Offer With Uber For Plumbing Service Solution


We Are Offering Excellent Modules in Our Plumbing Service Solution to Ensure Client Businesses Are Provided the Best.

Customer App

Customer applications are crafted with integrating all important features to ensure the best business services are offered.

Plumber App

An excellent app dedicated to plumbers that can answer their requirements of getting service requests integrating all necessary features.

Admin Panel

Excellent admin dashboard to keep the system admin aware of the system status and operate their online business excellently.

User Website

An excellently crafted website that enhances the marketing efforts of your online business along with attracting more users.

How Uber For Plumbers Service App Works


Our On-Demand Uber For Plumbing Service App Is Designed to Answer Every Customer Requirement Right Away.

Secure SignUp/Login

Customers can signup and login using their social media accounts or email id and access the application.

Select Type Of Service

Customers can view and select the type of service they require to be done and place a service request.

Book A Request Or Schedule

Customers can ask for the service provider right away or schedule the request through the app.

Know Service Status

Once a service request is placed, customers are informed of service status throughout the process until work gets completed.

Pay For Services

Customers can choose the payment method they prefer to pay for the services they have received from the service provider.

Provide Feedback

Customers can provide feedback for the services they have received through the app by ranking it on a scale of five.

Core Features- Uber For Plumbers App


Our Uber For Plumbers App Solution Comprises of Features That Can Ensure Your Customers Are Provided with the Best Services.

Explore How You Can Acquire Success with Our Uber for Plumbers App Solution

Have a Look Upon What We Offer in Our Uber for Plumbers App Solution.

Dive into Our On-Demand Plumbing Service App Solution Today


Empower Your Online Business with an Excellent On-Demand Plumbing Service App Solution Working and Supporting Your Business Extensively.

Why Choose Us


Our Feature-Rich App Solution Ensures Your Customers Get What They Ask for Through the Interactive Customer App.

Service Status

Customers can see the service status of their services being provided by service providers throughout the time.


Customers can choose from the service categories provided in the application that resembles with their service requirements.

GPS Integration

GPS integration provided in the application enables users to track the service provider along with providing route optimization.

Extended Support

We provide extended technical support to our clients for resolving queries regarding the app solution offered by us.

Referral Sharing

Using referral sharing, users can earn bonus points and avail discount on the service charges while promoting the app.

Job Request Alert

Providers are sent an alert when a customer places a service request to ensure providers notified every time.



Start Your Home Service Business Online with Uber For Plumbers App Solution

Start Your Online Business with a Scalable and Productive Uber for Plumbers App Solution by Your Side.