Terms of Services

  • We provide a single license for the purchase of any product that you do from Elluminati.
  • The manufacturer’s rights of our products sold to you solely belong to Elluminati.
  • Selling our products to anyone without our written consent is illegal under PCT and raises a legal dispute.
  • The client will be held responsible for the changes in the source code done by their own development team and Elluminati will not fix those issues or errors. If you wish to edit features of the purchased solution, you can request to do so to your own development team. But if any code leaks or bug occurrence is reported because of the changes done by your team, Elluminati can not be held responsible for the problem. 
  • We offer you a demonstration of our products before you buy any product from us. However, upon purchasing, Elluminati is not bound to give any refunds if you cancel the purchase later on. You can ask your queries and try the demonstration multiple times by contacting our sales team before you purchase the solution. For queries, please contact [email protected]
  • We extend our free technical support for 3 months after the purchase of a product is done. The support hours last from 10 AM to 6 PM IST from Monday to Friday. The company will remain closed on Indian holidays as they are excluded from the support.
  • Elluminati offers support via Email or Skype, and the turnaround time for reply ranges in a few hours after the query is posted during the working days.

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