Wazirx Clone Script

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Wazirx Clone Script

What is Wazirx Clone Script?

Wazirx clone script is built for a peer-to-peer crypto exchange environment giving opportunities to list any number of cryptos seamlessly. The platform is built with all the imperative security components to conduct transactions for decentralized currencies. It permits entrepreneurs to trade with multiple fiat currencies to offer a wider reach to the users.

It has a user-friendly interface for the traders to exchange the cryptos currencies with simple to adopt steps. Elluminati’s Wazirx clone script is constructed with an instinctive technology stack making the user end and backend versatile to adopt for any range of businesses that helps to deemed to elevate more features within the platform.

Get Through the Wazirx Clone Modules and their Impressive Attributes

Wazirx clone modules have all essential highlighting attributes, resulting in smooth functioning.

User App

Multi-sign Wallet

Users get a digital wallet that operates with multi-signature addresses at different locations, which enhances the security of the transactions.

Atomic Swap

Users are given the exchange of cryptocurrencies in separate blockchains without the involvement of a third party.

Cold Wallets

It is a cold wallet that allows users to store their cryptocurrencies and fiat money offline while protecting them from hackers.

Add Reviews

Users add reviews Wazirx clone about their crypto exchange experiences, ensuring transparency and reliability.

User Website

Payment Options

Users got multiple payment modes to buy and sell crypto currencies within the platform.


Users get push notifications of the actions and real-time updates of the currencies and market values.

Transaction History

All the transactions conducted by the traders will be recorded in the history section, which consists of all the details about it.

In-app Chat

Traders can communicate with other traders of the platform using the in-app chat facility regarding the price, payment modes, etc.

Admin Dashboard

Streamlined Dashboard

Admin gets a comprehensive dashboard that describes a precise view of overall trading data, users, types of trading, etc. details

Margin Trading

Admin can allow users a trading type called margin trading, giving an opportunity to the users to magnify the outcomes of mass trading volumes.

White List Options

Admin whitelists those crypto withdrawals to go only to the addresses already designated for security reasons so that users can securely make withdrawals.

Multi-language Support

Admin gets multiple language integration which allows the traders for convenient trading experiences in different regions.

How Does WazirX Clone Work?

In the mobile-centric world, in addition to the evolving decentralized currency trading market, it is really necessary for entrepreneurs to give the best combination to the traders. Wazirx clone is handled to be the perfect app for iOS and Android users with simple to-adapt attributes.

  • Installing the app, users have to register and create their trading account with all the required details and identity documents on the platform.
  • Those documents will then be verified by the admin, after which users can link bank account(s) to the wallet to start trading.
  • Users can choose a trading method to start making profits securely and swiftly.
  • They even can withdraw amounts to third-party wallets or transfer them to their respective bank accounts.

Mind-blowing Set of Attributes of Wazirx Clone Script

Wazirx clone script consists of an imperative feature set for crypto exchange businesses.

Escrow Integration

Escrow Protocol leverages monetary security to handle DeFi funds through smart contracts and to-be-respected agreements.

Real-time Pricing

All the pricing of cryptos will be updated in real-time, including market capitalization and crypto stats to compare ranking, mass, etc.

P2P Crypto Trading

The platform offers complete peer-to-peer trading, which prevents the involvement of third parties in their trading.

Advanced UI/UX

Utilizing the best tech stack, the user end of the modules is designed with interactive attributes and appealing looks.

IEO Launchpad

The business gets fundraising opportunities through the IEO launchpad singing white papers and handling token sales.

Bounty Features

The business admin can give rewards to traders who accomplish targets and set specific terms and conditions for it.

Start Big With Elluminati’s Wazirx Like App Development

Embrace your expedition into the worldwide crypto realm with Elluminati’s Wazirx like app development, enhanced with high-grade characteristics.

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Frequently Asked Questions For WazirX Clone

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The price of Wazirx-like app development ranges between $10000 – $50000. However, the figure is a dependable characteristic that is affected by the technologies utilized, whether it is built from scratch, the locations of the development, and so on.

All the essential security attributes are integrated into the platform, like KYC, two-factor authentication, email and contact verification, encrypted private key, location tracking, etc.

Support after the development and launch is an add-on service that is decided depending on the project. To know about the support services, contact [email protected].

Yes, the platform is entirely customizable to add new services and inclined features for the services.

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