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Hop Delivery is a food ordering and delivery services platform allowing hoppers(drivers) and partners (restaurants) to make substantial earnings, maintaining the service quality for the end users. They have a unique business model that is a game changer in the delivery industry. They have the strategy to equally offer values for each of its stakeholders: users, delivery providers, and restaurant partners.

To users, Hop offers applications (available on Android and iOS) and web platforms for browsing nearby restaurants, its menus, and orders for home delivery – making the whole process convenient. They do integrate a feature called ‘table reservation,’ allowing customers to reserve a table for their dine-in. Besides, they offer order takeaway search for items based on location, restaurant, cuisine, and offers.

How Edelivery and the Talented Dedicated Team support as solution of the problem

Both the co-founders have planned to go with the Start-up that will satisfy the needs of the people of Geneva at the first step and started finding such a system that will have compatibility to compete with the existing platform in the market. Being just like any other startup, they also had the strategy to offer competitive pricing for their customers. With all these intentions in mind, they started looking for someone who could help them in all these matters.

With some research, Hop reached us for our EDelivery platform. They found that it could serve all their basic and necessary requirements. Along with its long features list and convenient-to-use interface, EDelivery has provided it with full-scale customization to its readymade script.

The dedicated team of developers has provided support from the day of foundation, and the CTO of the company has Consulted HOP Services SA with Technology and Business Strategy that improve the efficiency of operations with the help of technology and increase revenue as well as suggested innovation helps the project to stay ahead of the market and competitors.

Growing Start-up Business

50% of Swiss people have placed at least one order on a home meal delivery service. Hop Delivery is one of the direct competitors of American giant Uber Eats.

Hop was started in 2018, and they renewed their version in February 2019 that the new version. It has a network of around 80 partners. Hop Delivery works in partnership with all restaurants, confectioners, and bakers: This makes it possible to establish certain rules related to hygiene, delivery time, or commissions varying from 20 to 30%.

Currently, they are present in the canton of Geneva and wish to develop in other regions of Romandie. The start-up emphasizes local operation with after-sales service and careful order tracking.

Hop Delivery acquired Eatzer, the first Geneva food delivery platform, in 2018.

The Hoppers of the Hop Delivery

The HOPPERS are carefully selected and benefit from the best remuneration in the field to ensure the best quality of service.


The Hop management has also taken the initiative to deliver the item using cycles that will reduce the delivery cost, and it would be affordable to the hoppers to have an opportunity to start earning with the flexibility of timing. The HOPPERs are also committed to their service commitment to fulfill the customer’s order in any situation.

Integration with Third Party Vendors for Retail and Hospitality

Hop Delivery has connected with HubRise. It is a developer-friendly platform to increase the reach of many apps with a single integration. It unites your app with the ones the business’s users use. Simply, it synchronizes orders, customers, and products. Users can get an updated menu and order in real time.

Otter is an all-in-one solution that assists Hop Delivery in taking control of its delivery data across platforms, lowering order issues, boosting sales, and decreasing delivery headaches.

The Rushour is an all-in-one platform that helps to raise a delivery business’s revenues. Thousands of restaurants rely on RusHour to expand their delivery and take-out revenues to satisfy customers with delicious food.

The Hop Delivery system has the scalability to get connected to a famous third-party vendor that helps increase their revenue by providing service to the retail market and hospitality to their customer and partners.

Get Connected to the Customers

With the different initiatives like events, games, favorite places, promotional activities, etc., the founders keep connected themself to interact face to face with the end customer.

It shows how the customers are happy using the system, which is very user-friendly and customized over the EDelivery base product, and still, it keeps rocking in the market with the continuous support of the developer team of Elluminati in India.

Benefited to the Society

“This project aims to support businesses that are suffering enormously at the end of the year”

Alexandre Simon and Vincent Moret
Co-Founder HOP Delivery

Hop Delivery and bank Eric Sturdza join forces to help Geneva businesses

In order to encourage Genevans to consume locally during the pandemic situation at Christmas time, the start-up Hop Delivery has offered a free delivery service from December 10 for all businesses in the town at the end of the lake. Sturdza Bank bears the administrative and delivery costs of this initiative.

Thus, with a few clicks, an individual can order a book in a bookstore, a box of chocolate in a chocolate shop, or even shoes from lower streets and get free delivery on the same day.

“34% of Swiss people would consider reducing their in-store shopping habits on a long-term basis and increasing them on the network. In addition, 41% of them have made purchases on the web of products that they previously bought only in stores. It was imperative to encourage the people of Geneva to consume locally in order to support the businesses of the town at the end of the lake.”

Christine Sturdza.
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