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Uber for Tutoring Service or Uber for Homework is an ordinary application where people request for the service and a nearby provider fulfills their needs with the help of mobile apps. With Uber for Tutors App, education is provided as per the need at home. To provide education outside the classroom Uber for Tutors App is the best solution that provides an exact solution whether for higher graduation school, college or personal classes.

What We Offer in Uber for Tutors App


We provide a Native iOS and Android App for Uber for Tutoring Business App that provides Learning Outside the Classroom for every kind of Education.

Student App

With the student’s panel, a person can log in, search for tutors, add service needed, start tuition and pay for the service from a single platform.

Tutor App

With the tutor’s panel, the tutor can log in, accept or reject for the tutoring service to the student, provide the service and receive the payment from a single platform.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard helps in managing the individual or peer to peer service business online with advanced features in the app.


In our On-Demand Tutoring Business App Solution, we provide a white label website with your brand name and your logo.

How Uber for Tutor Services App Work


A Simple and User-Friendly Workflow is Crafted for our Uber for Tutoring Service App

Register and Login

Students, as well as tutors, can register in case they do not have an ID or log in with their social media accounts.

Select Your Tutor

The students can select the tutor from the list of tutors provided in the app based on the tutoring service they need.

Review Their Profile

Students can review the profile of the tutors and also chat with them regarding their need and expectations from the tutor.

Tutor Arrive At Your Place

After selecting the tutor, the students can provide them with time and address of the location and tutor arrives at the place to provide tuition.

Start Tuition And Payment

A tutor provides the service for the time decided and after the completion, students have to pay the service charge for the services rendered.

Rate And Review

Students can rate the service by the tutors on the scale of one to five and tutors can also share a review about the behavior and experience with the students.

Core Features


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Edit Profile

The customers can edit their profile with an edit option in the app. They can edit details like their profile picture, their contact details, address, and such important ones.

Autofill Location

Autofill option in the app helps the customer to fill the address automatically by tracking the particular location and avoids writing the entire address manually.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers have multiple options of payment for the services received by the service providers. They can pay via cash, debit/credit card, PayPal or Stripe from the app.

Service Cancellation

An option of service cancellation is provided to the customers within a limited period of time after the customer provides a valid reason for cancellation of service.

Provider Arrival Alert

With the feature of provider arrival alert, the customers get an intimation on their device of the time the tutor will arrive at the specified destination.

Live Tracking Of Provider

The customers can track the tutor’s arrival with the live tracking feature in the app and know where the person has reached and how much time it would take.



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