Restolabs Alternative

restolabs alternative software

Choose E-Delivery, a Perfect Restolabs Alternative that Offers On-time Food Delivery for Business Empowerment

restolabs alternative software

Are You Eager to Escape the Redundant Monthly Fees Structure of Solutions?

Avail The Whale Package Of E-Delivery Alternative To Restolabs Offered By Elluminati At One-Time Pay

E-Delivery comprises features that every scale of business needs to efficiently run their business online and promote their food ordering and delivery services to the potential customers. Following the one-time pay fees structure, the alternative to Restolabs assures maximum productivity at optimum prices paid by the purchaser

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  • $6999- One-Time Pay Fees
  • Supports Unlimited Stores
  • Zero Setup Charges for All Modules


  • $85/month Fees
  • Charges Taken Per Store
  • $499 Setup Charges for Branded Mobile App

Components Of E-Delivery That Ensures Ideal Support For Running Your Business Online

E-Delivery Comprises of the Modules That Are Important to Run Your Business Online Efficiently and It Supports Every Single Requirement of Clients

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Switch To E-Delivery Today To Get The Permanent Solution At One-Time Pay

Start earning more revenue and increase the customer base for your business through an effective software solution to support all your needs. Get a competent answer inclined towards business growth by selecting E-Delivery by your side

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What Features Of E-Delivery Makes It The Ultimate Choice?

E-Delivery Provides Users with Features That Really Count at Its Positive Side and Also Helps Build a Positive Brand Image in the Market

Delivery Tracking

E-Delivery allows users to live track their order during the delivery process and keeps them updated with the status of the order in real-time

Route Optimization

Route optimization feature from the delivery provider application allows them to find the shortest and fastest route to the locations of the stores and users

Feedback System

Let your regular customers write reviews and feedback on each dish they have tried to find the cuisine where you specialize

Saving Favorites

Customers can save their preferred stores as favorites and later share their details on their social media to promote the store operations and profit earnings

Status Updates

The order status updates get delivered to customers and the admin in real-time. It helps the admin manage and view each delivery process from their dashboard

Earning Details

E-delivery enables the store, delivery provider, and admin to view their particular earning details. Admin can manage and monitor the earning details settings for other users

Why Should E-Delivery Get Considered As The Best Alternative Available In The Market For Restolabs?

The Features Offered in E-Delivery Best Alternative to Restolabs That Provide Excellent Outputs and Control Over the System to Admin and Other Users

Elluminati RESTOLABS
Charges One Time Starting From $45 per Month
Stores Unlimited $45 per Store
Apps For User, Delivery Provider, and Store FREE x
Orders Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Web Ordering
Online Payment
Order Management Dashboard

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