Do You Want to Escape the Redundant Monthly Payment System for the Software Solution?

E-Delivery Offers Every Advanced Feature At One-Time Pay With Excellent Interface of GloriaFood Alternative for Users

Answer customer requirements with an efficient GloriaFood alternative supporting quick and on-time food deliveries. Let the restaurant businesses deliver comfortably with reliable support by their side. E-Delivery by Elluminati includes various modules that together help in providing the best user experience and excellent control

  • Sales Optimized Website Included in Whale Package
  • White Labeled Solution
  • Multiple Payment Systems Included
  • $9/month-Sales Optimized Website
  • $59-Branded Application Charges
  • $29-Online / Credit Card Payment Charges

Modules in E-Delivery to Run Business Operations Smoothly

E-Delivery – Alternative to GloriaFood Includes Components That Meet Requirements to Run Your Online Business Successfully by Generating Great Revenue

  • User Web Panel
  • Customer Android/iOS App
  • Delivery Provider Android/iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Store Android/iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Get E-delivery Today to Serve Your Clients Better and Earn More

Increase the demand for your business and earn more profits through efficient software by your side to support and answer your every requirement. E-Delivery offers you complete business support with encouraging increased profits and revenue earnings

Why Select E-Delivery as GloriaFood Alternative

E-Delivery Offers All Those Advanced Features in Its Whale Package That GloriaFood Alternative Should Include to Support Increased Revenue Generation

Rate and Review

Users can provide ratings and review on delivery services and food provided with an alternative to GloriaFood building a positive brand image among your other users

Custom Order

Add a personalized approach to your traditional operations with an app similar to GloriaFood that includes customized ingredient support and order placing for better user experience

Integrated Wallet

The delivery provider application of this GloriaFood similar software includes an integrated wallet facility that helps them deposit or use the money after the admin approves them

Easy Re-ordering

Eliminating the need for redundant selection of items with on-tap re-ordering. GloriaFood clone directly repeats their previous request from the order history


Delivery providers get provided with a navigation feature that includes information on the customer’s location, stores’ location, estimated arrival time, and optimized routes

Pinning on Map

Users can easily place the order without typing their drop location manually with GloriaFood alternative allowing them to pin it on the map to get the information filled automatically

How E-delivery Stands as the Ultimate Alternative to GloriaFood in the Market

E-delivery Offers Awesome Features and Greater Advantages All in One-Time Pay Among all Alternatives to GloriaFood and Wins the Business Approval

White Labelling Free $59
Sales Optimized Website Free $9
Online / Credit Card Payment Service Free $29
Ordering App
Detailed Report
Real-Time Ordering

Our Clients

Our Clients Are Achieving Greater Marks in the Online Ordering Sector with E-delivery Working by Their Side and Providing Excellent Results