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As pampering one’s self is becoming one of the priorities of everyone, beauty apps are on the run to becoming popular among all mobile applications. Allowing people to fulfill their beauty demands on time, on-demand apps are trending which provides services at customers’ specified location at their convenience. These applications are known as Uber like beautician apps which implement the on-demand business concept of Uber in this ever-growing business.

What We Offer in Online Beautician Service Platform


Our Uber X Beautician App Solution Consists of Following App Solutions That Can Offer Excellent Business Outputs to You.

Customer App

Customer app is designed to offer the best of business services to users who are availing the on-demand beauty services.

Provider App

Beauticians providing their services to customers are notified about requests placed when they are required through this app.

Admin Panel

An excellent admin panel engaging all required features to support business operations throughout is provided to the system admin.

User Website

A user website is provided to ensure branding and efficient marketing of your business to reach a maximum number of customers.

How It Works


The Application Follows a Simple Procedure That Can Help Customers Find Beauticians Around and Avail Services.

Secure Signup/Login

Customers can create their account and login with their social media accounts or the login credentials they have set.

Select Beautician

They can access the offered service list and book service as per their needs along with schedule services option.

Get Services Done

The selected beauty service provider reaches a customer’s location to provide the service that a customer has requested.

Pay Service Charges

Customers can pay the charges of services they have availed with a secure payment platform provided through the app.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track their beauty service provider on Google map through the application with the real-time tracking feature.

Provide Review

Once the service is completed, customers and service providers can share feedbacks and review each other through app.

Important Features We Include


Uber X Beautician App Is Built to Provide the Best of Services of Your Business Who Avail Them Through App.

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Dive Into Our Uber Like Beauty Service Solution


Ensuring We Provide Excellent Outcomes to Client Businesses, We Craft App Solutions to Fulfill Every Requirement of Our Clients.

Why Choose Us


Fulfilling Criteria Set by Users, We Choose to Include Best Features That Provide Excellent User Experience to End Users.

Emergency Dial List

Providing a way to reach the closed ones in emergency situations, users can set and use the emergency dial list from the app.

Multiple Payment Options

The application includes multiple payment options from which users can choose their preferred one to pay for services.

Real-Time Tracking

Allowing to track service providers through app, it provides estimated time of arrival of the providers before they reach.

Schedule Jobs

Allowing service providers to set their working hours manually, they can schedule the accepted appointments through the app.

Free Support

We extend 3 months of free support to help you own excellent app that works excellently eliminating technical issues.

White Label App

Our app solutions are white labeled to support the creation of your business identity in the market with app customization.



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