Offer Time-savvy and Convenient Services with Uber for Hookers

Mobile apps are becoming one of the best options to offer convenient services to users. Uber for Hookers extends this concept further by introducing a dedicated app stack meant to support the user’s demands. It includes features that let you run a business without any difficulties and offer expert assistance

The features included in the uber for strippers app ensure the best user experience and provide extensive business support. By completely customizable features, it also provides a way to create your name with a customized name, logo, and themes to build your loyal customer base. This on demand strippers service app development solution includes support for every size of escort business irrespective of location. Along with increased revenues, the hookers app helps offer services to more users and provides efficient business control

Essential Features of Uber Like App For Strippers

Accurate Currency Change

  • Set the currency as per the country that your business enables Uber Like strippers app
  • The live currency rate change helps convert the calculated service charges in the set currency
  • It ensures timely and accurate payment calculation and helps deliver a seamless experience across countries

Schedule Requests

  • On Demand Escort App solution includes an integrated calendar to help them schedule their appointments
  • List down all accepted and scheduled meetings and schedule them using the calendar
  • It ensures efficiency and helps earn more by serving users with the best support

Multi-Language Facility

  • Introduce the language change feature to improve user convenience for better app usage
  • Admin can change the language of every associated module to provide efficient request placing services
  • The admin panel helps the admin to enable the change across different countries and manage operations

Email/SMS Verification

  • The verification process ensures user identity before giving access to the system
  • When a user registers and logs in, a verification OTP gets sent to their registered mobile number for verification
  • The same procedure gets followed for escorts to ensure only registered escorts can use the system

Cashless Payments

  • Cashless payment support ensures users can pay online with their choice of payment mode from all provided
  • Users can pay using credit/debit card, integrated wallet, or any other payment option provided in the solution
  • The invoice including the paid amount and used payment mode details gets generated and stored in the app

Booking History

  • Booking history stores all placed user request and their relevant data including the escort details
  • The system admin can view the booking history and apply filters to view individual records as they wish
  • Admin can export the data to Excel sheets and use functions to analyze the data from the panel

ETA Details

  • This Uber like app for strippers involves estimated arrival time details
  • Based on the location entered by users and the current location of escorts, the ETA gets calculated
  • Route optimization during the map navigation feature helps an escort reach the mentioned place as soon as possible

Cancel Service

  • The service cancellation option is available for users and escorts both
  • They can cancel the service request by adding a valid cancellation reason
  • The cancellation charges set by the admin gets applied when a user cancels a service request

How an On-demand Strippers App Helps Improve Operational Efficiency?

By providing dedicated on demand strippers app support for enhanced operations, we help you manage business operations across countries from a single admin panel. Uber for Escorts solution turns out beneficial for businesses as the technical efficiency helps improve experience deliveries and scores increased app usage

Fulfill Your Business Needs with an Uber For Escort App Suite

The components of on demand uber for escort app help provide extended service support for specific user needs ensuring complete admin control

  • Login/Register with Social Media Account
  • Place/Schedule a Request
  • View Escort List
  • Browse Categories
  • Real-time Escort Tracking
  • Service Status Updates
  • Cancel Request
  • Service History

Provide Escorts on User Demands with Uber For Strippers App

Offer support for easier escort hiring with a dedicated Uber like strippers app meeting user demands. Uber for hookers app ensures to provide high-end security and efficiency to manage and monitor operations that can help you increase your revenues

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