Are you busy playing Pokemon Go?

I personally hate mobile games. (I even deleted it from my husband’s phone when he reached at interesting stage after daily playing it madly. But my bad luck it was in sync with google account so later he started from same stage leaving my aim unfulfilled of not letting him play if he has to start from scratch)

Busy playing Pokemon Go ?

Friday morning.. Just 8 working hours and then 2days off. Hurray…….

Have all plans made up for weekend?! I bet for half of you it will be about playing newly launched Pokeman Go. Isn’t it? :)

I personally hate mobile games. (I even deleted it from my husband’s phone when he reached at interesting stage after daily playing it madly. But my bad luck it was in sync with google account so later he started from same stage leaving my aim unfulfilled of not letting him play if he has to start from scratch)  Movie Pixels of 2015 first time brought my attention to gaming world that how people gets game nerd. I brought this Pokemon to discussion as since last week, I have been reading half of tech news related to “Pokemon Go” only. It would have been injustice to tech trends if I hadn’t mentioned about such hyped game even once.

Few out of them…..

Your passion for ‘Pokémon Go’ can help fund your favorite charity 

T-mobile will give customers unlimited data for playing ‘Pokémon Go

Oh how we wish this Pokédrone was real

Sick of Pokémon Go? Block it in Chrome with these extensions 

Man playing ‘Pokemon Go’ gets lured into a pond

‘Pokémon Go’ on Microsoft HoloLens looks freakin’ incredible

WOW!!! it touched drone, hololense to man falling in lake playing it! Would say — “wide range of news”! I can go on full day but lets end it here. Pokémon proved that a synergy between the digital world and the physical world can actually take place. Biggest game of US ever having 21 million daily users which is more than twitter and FB!

There are four types of players in market. 1) Early adopters who downloaded game at earliest and are going to stick to game for longer period. They might not pay. 2) Hard core player who might download late but of them going to spend big amount of money. 3) Casual in player who play several time a week but their investment is not in big amount. 4) Hype player who is not going to pay or play but spread bad word of mouth. Pokemon Go is a business which makes money when players pay. As pokemon reaches peak, it will shed its hype playing and gives pokemon inventor opportunity to support real customers. if Nintendo and Niantic are smart, which they are, the global applications of this platform and the business model of this game have far reaching applications to change the world.

I guess I too should give it a try too :-/

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