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PowerOn Delivery(South Africa)

PowerOn is an on-demand mobility solution that is catering each delivery requirement of customers in South Africa efficiently. Sherwin, the Founder of PowerOn, came up with the project requirement to Elluminati Inc. Our team understood the project end to end and worked dedicatedly to address all the project requirements. Powerful helped Sherwin to have efficient control over each business activity, enabling him to scale up his business in South Africa.


Faastx is a unique delivery platform helping food lovers to order their favorite food from local restaurants in Mexico. CEO and founder of Faastx -Ronal, highlighted all his business requirements in front of Elluminati Inc. Our team dedicatedly crafted excellent solutions as per specified requirements. Faastx offers complete control over business activities resulting in a seamless and fantastic experience offering to customers on-demand.

Townsville Delivery(Australia)

Townsville Delivery is an on-demand food ordering and delivery platform. Founder of Townsville Delivery, Avi successfully operates its business with an excellent delivery solution crafted by Elluminati Inc. The whole team worked enthusiastically and addressed all the requirements efficiently to provide a fantastic platform. The feature-rich and amazingly crafted solution helped Avi cater to all the customer's needs accurately, ensuring business growth and success even during the challenging period of COVID 19 spread.

XLOCL Delivery(USA)

XLOCL delivery is an online ordering and delivery platform that provides a fantastic delivery service to customers. CEO John Riley III came to us with their business requirement; keeping in mind all the business requirements, we crafted an advanced solution stack, ensuring the seamless experience is offered to customers on demand. Our team provided outstanding development support to build a tech stack that ensures adequate control over every business activity.

FastEat(United Kingdom)

FastEat is an online food ordering and delivery platform that provides faster delivery services to customers who order through the application or website. Including the list of all the available restaurants and dine-ins, FastEat eases up the ordering task as the customer can place the order and wait for the delivery as FastEat has got them covered! They pick up the order and deliver it to customers and provide the best services around.

NU Delivery(Argentina)

NU is an application that facilitates delivery services to customers’ doorstep. The application has been crafted by our expert developers that include every required feature to ensure efficient delivery services are provided. With an efficiently working admin panel provided to support enhanced monitoring and control of each activity. NU delivery is providing excellent support to clients with our excellently crafted top-notch app solution.

UltiServices(Medellin , Colombia)

Ulti Services is an on-demand mobility solution helping users to request services in a few clicks. CEO of Ulti Services, David Garnik, aims to revolutionize the way of hiring services professionals to complete everyday chores efficiently. After analyzing and understanding their prospect's needs, the owner joined hands with Elluminati Inc to launch a feature-rich solution. Our team builds an advanced tech stack that caters to all customers' needs, guaranteeing to win end-users' trust with fantastic tech support.


ServicioMe is an on-demand service platform serving a fantastic experience to customers in Qatar. Ms. Dalia, Project Manager of ServicioMe, wanted to provide a feature-rich platform to users, making it easier for them to get all their daily chores completed quickly and efficiently without any hassle. She, with her team, discussed all the project requirements with Elluminati Inc. Our professional team showing generous support, worked dedicatedly to build an amazing platform, ensuring to meet all business needs systematically.

Tesla On Call(USA)

Tesla on Call is an on-demand solution providing Luxury Tesla Rides across the Bay Area. Hany, the CEO of Tesla on Call, wants to offer superior car-hailing service in the country, he came to us with the business requirements. We understood all requirements effectively and provided Hany with a feature-rich solution. Tesla on Call made it easier to track and manage every business activity, guaranteeing a seamless experience to customers on-demand.


JomRides is a community-based driver-hailing system which answers the requirements of riders and drivers efficiently. The app solution has been crafted by our expert development team at Elluminati Inc and a separate rider dedicated and driver-dedicated applications are developed to answer all their needs. With the help of a feature-rich admin, dispatcher and partner panel, efficient control over the system is established.

Rub A Dub(USA)

Rub a Dub is an online car cleaning service provider company that provides eco-friendly car care services to their customers. Providing an ecologically efficient way of cleaning cars, Rub a Dub is becoming popular where they avail their services. Our expert developers working at Elluminati Inc have provided their support in the development of an efficient customer app and excellent admin panel that ensures control over business activities.


An excellent example of business success, Dhaweeye operates its online taxi-hailing business using the excellent app solution crafted by our expert developers and is serving their riders with the best ride-hailing services. Elluminati Inc has extended its support for the development of their business solution throughout the time and the ride-hailing company now operates in the entire country serving more than 10,000 rides per day.